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David Aguila is a Los Angeles based performer and composer from Florida. His work uses acoustic and electronic instruments, spatialization, and perception of sound, time, and memory which are conceptually abstracted to create sonic landscapes and performance installations. As a performer, Aguila has performed as a trumpeter with orchestras, chamber ensembles, wind bands, improvisation ensembles, and contemporary ensembles, traveling across the USA and Europe. Aguila also performs as a sound projectionist, processing instruments, voice, and performing contemporary music. Aguila has produced music for Ted Taforo's album, You Are, and for the Los Angeles based band Snow Nerds.

Aguila received his Bachelor’s degree (2009-13) in trumpet performance at the Eastman School of Music. He studied under James Thompson, and performed with the Eastman Wind Ensemble, Philharmonia Orchestra, and Musica Nova ensembles. Aguila performed at the Rochester Percussion Festival, premiering Michael Burrit’s concerto for percussion and wind orchestra, and was Principal Trumpet in the Prismatic Debussy Festival. He attended the Interlochen Arts Camp, and toured Europe with the Blue Lake International Youth Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, through his involvement with new music ensembles at Eastman, David developed an interest in music composition and went on to continue his education at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in the MFA Performer-Composer program. David will be continuing his studies at the University of California San Diego as a Doctoral Candidate in Trumpet Performance studying with Stephanie Richards.

While getting his MFA at CalArts (2013-15), Aguila studied trumpet with Ed Carroll and studied music composition with Vinny Golia and Sara Roberts with a focus on spatial and electroacoustic music and interdisciplinary performance installation. In 2014, he composed revolutions, a spatial composition for 12 clarinets, which was premiered at the Roy O. Disney Concert Hall and was later accepted and performed at DEDCAT Society’s concert, Circle. His performance installation Perfection and Pomegranate Jam: A Shadow Ballet, co-composed with Kris Rahamad, were selected for the CalArts New Works Festival in 2015. Pomegranate would later go on to the Edinburgh Fringe festival receiving four and five star reviews.

Upon graduating, he arranged music for the CalArts Brass Ensemble, the Eastman Brass Guild, and the Australian National Academy Brass and Percussion Ensemble. He would later present In the Center of it All, a concert of his own spatial compositions, at ArtShare L.A., where he premiered inconsistencies for Trombones and Toccata for Amplified String Quartet

Aguila was a co-founder and co-artistic director of aLma.MaddR, an interdisciplinary collective dedicated to the creation and presentation of interactive and immersive new works that hope to provide meaningful and transformative experiences for audience members. During his time with aLma.MaddR they would host Quiet Night, a music salon providing artists in music, film, and theater an opportunity to workshop new works in a simple,intimate setting spatially designed for experiential comfort for artists and audience. They would go on to produce a live scoring of The Passion of Joan of Arc with Faculty Lounge ensemble, Mauricio Kagel's Nah und Fern with the Carillon Quartet, and the_icebath an experimental podcast. Aguila was lead design technician for Aluna, a sound installation which was presented at the 2017 Burning Man Festival. Aluna was an international collaboration, and was the first Columbian project to receive Burning Man's honorarium grant. In late 2017 Aguila decided to leave the collective to pursue personal musical and artistic projects.

As a trumpeter, Aguila has played with the Vinny Golia Large Ensemble, Sonic Boom Ensemble, and the New Millennium Orchestra at REDCAT, performing the music of Yotam Haber, Gloria Coates, Jani Christou. He also performed the TrumpeTent and Michael's Abscied during the 2015 Stockhausen Festival. He would also perform, Giacinto Scelsi’s Quattro Pezzi in a masterclass with Marco Blaauw at the Chosen Vale Trumpet Seminar in Enfield, N.H. after being awarded a grant from the Williamson Foundation. In the fall of 2015, Aguila performed in the Industry’s production of Hopscotch, a mobile opera performed in 24 limousines and landmarks around Los Angeles.

Most recently, Aguila has performed as a sound projectionist for George Crumb's Black Angels in 2017. Along with the Carillon Quartet and aLma.Maddr, they would present the first ever live performance of Mauricio Kagel's Nah und Fern which Aguila was the lead in recreating the electronics and as sound projection for the performance. In 2017 Aguila would attend the Stockhausen Summer Course as a sound projectionist, studying with Kathinka Pasveer throughout the course. 

In 2011 David was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on a segment called "meal or no meal". During the segment Aguila solved the Rubik's Cube with one hand while playing Haydn's Trumpet Concerto. After the segment Aguila was invited to play a solo with the Tonight Show Band and play in the band after.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported me through my musical journey. Without them, I would not have been able to reach this point in my career. A heartfelt thank you to my family, with their constant support I have been able to participate in countless ensembles, contests, classes, and camps. Each and everyone one of them has opened me to a new musical world.

My teachers and mentors, the constant guidance I received has shown me what I can achieve even when my path seemed unclear. 

To my friends, you all keep me calm and focused. All of your open ears have motivated me to push myself harder each day.

Finally to donors who have supported in the creation of projects. Thank you Luisa Aha, Colter Fatt, Daniela Ginatempo O’Reilly,  Katrin Haberstock, Edna Lopez, Caitlin Mullally, & Tony Roman. A special thank you to Marco Capalbo, our conversations on Stockhausen and music circumvent my mind daily.