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Complete Works


Prismatic Bells - For Trumpets and Electronics


Dissectionary Moments I, II, III

Dissectionary Moments I, is influenced by the minuscule repetitions which interject human life. Individually, as we pass through time we form cyclical patterns, the recurrences of the past returning to the present which extract the mind to relive a moment in an unexpected context spanning through time. These brief experiences of visual deception and déjà vu, occur on an elongated scale reappearing with sometimes little to no contextual framework. Can this seemingly random recurrence be just random, or are our places in space and time malleable?  The first of this series of works, Dissectionary Moments I is the contextual placeholder of time for our future selves giving the opportunity for visual deceptions and déjà vu, the transformation of what will be present to past time to recontextualize suggesting back to this moment in time.

our place in time is now

A performance piece for audience, cellphones, and loudspeakers, which asks the audience to interact with the space, each other, and their sonic elements from both cellphones and loudspeakers. A unique performance is created as the audience roves around the space, sonically interacting with aural elements surrounding them creating a unity of consonance and dissonances with each other and the room acoustics. 

Music for multiple spaces, times and rooms

A spatialized performance installation, which has the listener walk through groups of musicians as a beating pulse emits from the center of the room. The groups of musicians either play extracted elements from the opening sonority or speak about certain memories of ensemble members. The listener, upon hearing these memories will be transported to moments in their past, reliving those experiences again. The arrival of the opening sonority recontextualized, marks the very present, the now, a memory which will then be shared by all participating. 


Sensamayá arrangment for Brass and Percussion

fouuuur for four performers

A postcard piece for four performers, exploring locations and the natural environments surrounding them. The piece is based on improvisations during Aguila's undergraduate at the Eastman School of Music, during that time Aguila and three friends would hike locations and improvise music with items found along the path. 

Toccata for Amplified String Quartet

From Italian toccare, "to touch", a piece of music typically for a keyboard or string instruments featuring lightly fingered sections, with or without imitative or fugal interludes, generally emphasizing the dexterity of the performer's fingers.               

I. after the before dissonance, will consonance arrive

II. plucked chaos in an attempt to stay together

III. the noise in a silent room    


inconsistencies for two Trombones

A spatial piece for groups of trombones spread throughout the performance space. Each group creates dissonant beatings which interact with other groups and the space itself.

challenge thee for string orchestra

This piece uses spatialization, placing the instrumentalists completely around the audience.  Influenced by Jani Christou's Praxis for 12, challenge thee uses similar notation in using metered, proportional, and synthetic notation.     

Side Effects for Brass and Percussion

An experimental spatial piece for brass and percussion. Side Effects has the instrumentalists use the entire space to perform in, creating an immersive sonic experience. 

Fukushima 9.0 for Trumpet and Laptop Performer

Influenced by traditional Shakuhachi music, Fukushima 9.0's four sections follow the events leading to the meltdown of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Using Ableton Live software, the Laptop performer processes the Trumpet in real time.                                                                                 



A spatial piece and interactive piece for narrator, three vocalists, and Juno-60 synthesizer has the audience participate over social media. #FEEDME sonically mimics the over consumption of social media by surrounding the audience with the performers.  

A spatial process based piece for twelve clarinets, revolutions has the audience surrounded by the performers as they become enveloped in sound.


Each instrument represents a shape, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet - Square, French Horn - Triangle, Vibraphone - Line, String Bass - Circle. For each of the sections the pitch content correlates to the shape used. The Vibraphone connects each of the section together with intermezzos using material from the preceding and proceeding instruments. 


A spatial process based piece for Violin and Cello, Exchange symmetrically divides two octaves. The performers play independently of each other, eventually the players exchange the octaves which they play completing the process. 

Static for Trumpet and Laptop

Static uses split tones as the primary technique to create consonance and dissonance with a single performer.


For four vocalists and laptop, reflections is a graphic score piece which aims to mimic the sonic experience when on a beach at night.