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Blended Metal

Los Angeles based electro-acoustic duo; Laptop+Trumpet, is proud to release their first EP on Cosmic Primitive Records. An amalgamation from a previously recorded concert, sampling, and post production work, culminated in Blended Metal. Extracted portions of the original improvisation are preserved in its original form, as samples are layered, twisted and manipulated becoming indistinguishable. Juxtaposing textures and evolving timbres intertwine, as droning and pulsating synthesizers encapsulate the extreme registers as the listener enters the world of Laptop+Trumpet.

Comprised of David Aguila on Laptop and Ethan Marks on Trumpet, they first met while attending Chosen Vale Trumpet Seminar in Enfield New Hampshire. During the seminar, Marks commissioned a piece from Aguila, that would later become the foundation in the formation of Laptop+Trumpet. The two began to improvise together, building electro-acoustic landscapes and extended trumpet techniques, forming a unique improvisatory language which feeds off one another's output. Laptop+Trumpet has performed in the Los Angeles area, including at ArtShare LA and CalArts R.O.D Concert Hall.