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Crawl Dweebs

Crawl Dweebs is an electro-acoustic trio comprised of David Aguila on trumpet and electronics, Kris Rahamad on violin and electronics, & Sean Riddle on double bass and electronics. The semi-improvised trio melds genres of classical, jazz and experimental music into hypnotic textures whose themes deal with topic of our current times. Crawl Dweebs has performed at California Institute of the Arts, The Eclectic Festival of South Pasadena, and Battery Books in Pasadena. 

Kris Place Holder*

Sean Riddle is an up and coming bassist, composer, and improviser in the Southern California creative music scene. Refusing to be tethered by a single style, Sean’s work draws influence from the realms or Jazz, the music of West Africa, traditional Balkan music, Free Improvisation, and New Music, bringing these influences together to create music that eviscerates the boundaries of composition and improvisation. He holds a BFA in Jazz Bass Performance and a minor I social sciences from CalArts.